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Ruth Radelet from Chromatics

Ruth Radelet from Chromatics

Chromatics are a band from Portland. They have gone through may facelifts depending on what sorta music they wanna make.

This is a demo (i believe), from early September, and a fabulous one at that. They are recreating Italian style disco but with less warmness, and more detachment. Produced by Johnny Jewel (find out about a humorous man crush here). Now, I shouldn’t call it “italo disco”, but it’s about as close as we get right now. Ruth Radelet’s hotness and breathless voice fits perfectly with the distant backing track. 

Chromatics – Lady

Listen to it at night, perhaps on a drive (I don’t know how you would have access to your computer while driving but hey, why not).

“Night Drive” was probably the first album I have been able to fully appreciate (half a year after i got it) for its aesthetic more than say the actual music on the album. It’s meant to be listened to in the car, at night, when going somewhere with people. Just drive and listen, and get laid (if at all possible). The first time i was in car… but it was during a winter storm in the spring (remember the snow storm in spring?) I never realized until recently how to fully take in the album’s created ambience (perhaps a post dedicated to it?)


From “Night Drive” released last year

Chromatics – Running Up That Hill

My favorite song by these folks. Its a cover of Kate Bush, and although never hearing the original, this one is just fantastic. One of my favorite songs by far.


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Alright, this isn’t new music persay, but it is music. Honestly, this stuff is from 2004 (actually recorded in 2002). But there is a reason for this post.

I like to get bands, on the uprise. Take the Fleet Foxes, I found out about them in February and they were looking like a potential new band to be. I didn’t except them to rise to an #83 US Chart performance, and be highly featured in festivals and what not. They are almost a household name now (let’s hope that doesn’t happen but still) and it’s exciting to see.

On the other hand, the fall of bands can be as or even more interesting. I caught into the sunshine west coast pop fad from Delays to The Thrills about a year too late. Now I love both of those bands, but the public was past them at that point. Their chart performances have suffered each release and The Thrills have even been dropped by EMI. This is nothing compared to the fall of Marjorie Fair. 

They had a record deal with Capitol Records (before releasing their first album), a supporting tour to John Mayer and Sheryl Crow, some great contributers, as well as a semi-relevant producer. Then the album came out. The reviews generally weren’t great but some contended this was “A potential modern classic.. destined to break hearts and win minds,” (The Independent), “a candidate for debut of the year.” (MOJO), “A rich harvest” (Uncut). This is what makes this band so puzzling. What happened?

I honestly don’t know. But yes, they are still a band. Although their official website has not been updated in 2 years, they are officially still touring and working on new music. 

This is what makes their music so fitting. It’s slow, chilled, califorinian melody melancholy. Thinking about this band makes the music they put out all too fitting of the image they created. I personally don’t think their album is great, but some songs just move me. So I will leave you with some songs, and a link to their myspace messages. It was released last October and…. it fits the music.

Listen to “Don’t Believe”and Read this

 yay for depression…

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I got this album about 2 week ago (yes a leak, sue me). I’ll be honest with you readers. I don’t like this album. Well, most of it. It’s thin on actual music. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can entertain the ‘art’ of these sort of albums as much as the next music fan, but this just didn’t do it for me. It is a bad and boring album, and if anyone wants my copy of it, it is there’s. However, there is one bright spot on the album. Naturally it’s the last track. At the time of listening to it, I was generally drained and had deep resentment for anything Swedish (sorry Sven) but this track made me enjoy the good ol’ Swedishness of pop music. “At The Seaside” is what it is called. 



Listen to Peter Bjorn and John – At The Seaside

Like it?

Download it


I just learned Sven is actually Norwegian. I can still love him… and I do.

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Discodust told me about this band about 2 weeks ago. I listened, enjoyed let sit for a while then gave them a listen today. Small has something going for them. It’s a shimmering pop/arena rock/not boring folk music that wins several times over. It’s not folk music. I don’t want to mislead my 5 readers, but I think you can enjoy these slow burners, at least a little.

Small – Cosmic Girl

Small – Sunshine Lover

thanks again Disco Dust

Small Myspace

awesome logo by the way

P.S. They have an album out “Teenage Lover”. I will try to get it… maybe buy it?!? i don’t know what that means.

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I made this nostalgic picture look more nostalgic

I love Saturdays = Youth

It nearly made my top 5 albums for the year (I actually keep thinking maybe it should have) but the list is still my list. Anyways, the obvious single (for me) is the epic power Kim and Jessie. Sure it’s actually about two girls who do drugs in the woods (or drink, I forget), but let’s forget that for a sec and imagine it to be a John Hughe’s movie about a high-school couple madly in love.

Link to Video

This is a great live performance for you kids and adults. I love the ending where the woman’s voice fills out the high notes. The song is performed at Pitchfork.tv. Skip the interview, the interviewee is a douche who’s looking for something ironic to appreciate… ironically. Anthony Gonzalez (head of M83) is charming, even though he struggles with his english at times. 

Here is a remix of Kim and Jessie too!

M83 – Kim & Jessie (Montag Remix)

Not bad, but not as grand as the song is meant to be. This is an epic song and deserves an epic remix. I’ll see what I can do heh

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They are back, and angrier than ever! This Florida based semi-christian, semi-not christian i don’t know band will be releasing their 4th legit studio album on October 14th. I for one am excited. Yea, they have a puny quality to them, but it’s charming. My friend Bui (get familiar with him, I will refer to him a lot) they are kind of like a high school band. Not created by high schoolers, but the appeal is largely to that base because the music is full of emotional highs and lows. They are excited to go get coffee and walking downtown, so who are we to say no. 


They finally put a new song on their myspace like two weeks ago to get the crowd ready for what sort of snuck up on us. They were dropped by Columbia Records after writing their least accessible and my favorite album Eat, Sleep, Repeat and recently enlisted a new bassist after their last one left. So enjoy “The Grey Man”. I think the song is a bit off-kilter and suffers from some pacing problems, but the way he croons over the tune, it’s so Copeland. I love it.

Listen to the Grey Man Here

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Neon Neon

Stainless Style has been out for a while, but I finally got my hands on a copy about a month ago. It’s a pretty good album, don’t care for most of the rap tracks (like 3 of them), but the other songs are solid mid 80s pop tunes if a foreign Peter Gabriel fronted the band…. well sorta.

here are a few highlights from Neon Neon’s Mercury Music Prize Nominee STAINLESS STYLE

My favorite song by them

Neon Neon -I Told Her On Alderaan

 Hot Chip does a lame remix on this single… what’s new, regardless this is good

Neon Neon – Raquel

Creepy song… but good too!

Neon Neon – Michael Douglas

And the last one for today

Neon Neon – Dream Cars

If you haven’t picked up the theme, It’s based on the rise and the fall of engineer John Delorean. Stainless Style, Steel, Style, very nice.


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