I already told you about these Aussies (with my first post mind you). This song has been around for a while, but it is definitely getting buzz. Good buzz. It doesn’t start off strong but that chorus makes up for the beginning. 



As Hipster Runoff says, let’s get vulnerable… to this



I love this guy. He embodies the sunshine pop of the feel good 80s. It’s so sexy, if I could have sex with it, not only would I, I would like ask to meet it’s parents after. And I bet they would be awesome… and from Europe too!

I think that if M83 liked to dance, this is a song he would come up with. 


These Girls Are Dressed To Kill (Russ Chimes Remix) – The Outrunners

Think, early 1990s. Think Heavens Gate. I imagine this song played at the beginning of the movie I am making (in my mind) about the cult heaven’s gate. It’s not distinctly 80s, but reminds me of galaxies and stars. Naturally I think of the UFO craze we had in the early 90s. College is coming out with a debut album in November. He is the brain-child behind Valerie the music blog spot. Basically it’s a bunch of European’s obsessed with 80s culture, especially music. My friend Bui told me about them about 2 years ago, and I have been exploring that whole connection (Anoraak, Russ Chimes) heavily since. 

I Think About It – College


I did a little experimenting myself with photoshop. I call this Evan’s Gate.


I just like this album cover. Hot 80s girls, eccentric costumes, fall trees, woo woo.

and tights! and skinny black jeans! take notes lady(s)!

I will begin with a shout-out to the awesome cover art. Honestly, If this art looked any different, the album itself would have gotten a lower great. Seriously, the artwork is an extension of the art presented by the artist (said ‘art’ 3 times, awesome). We are set up for a mildly cheese up epic of an adventure. I think of MST3K when I see the album cover. If your browse around, you see many awesome posters (link) for many very bad bad movies. I was transformed to late 80s early 90s, but was set up for disappointment. This however was a solid listen. Luke Steel basically sings with a constant puckering of his lips. It makes for strange arrangements, and even stranger successes. The album is definitely loaded for singles in the beginning giving way to more ambient and less hooky tunes at the end. Yes, some songs are not as tightly and awesomely packed as say “Walking on a Dream”, but I can handle it. “We are the People” naturally is the 2nd single worthy track on the album. “The World” is creepily helium-y. “Without You” feels more of a Spandau Ballet creation perfect for any late 80s high school dance. “Swordfish Hotkiss Night” makes me laugh. I was annoyed during my first listen to it, but I’m warm to it. Sexily Warm. It’s a satisfying and strange listen. I hear Supertramp, When In Rome’s “The Promise” (only because the chorus), and really, I can’t describe a lot of the other musical influences. 

Album Grade: B+

Album in a sentence: Meant for the late 80s, these Aussie’s create oddly accessible pop music tip-toeing the line of masterpiece and cheese. 

Album Artwork: A; best artwork for an album this year, hands down.

Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream

Like that? Download the song!



Empire of the Sun – We are the People


This is a bit more of a stretch. The Human League created cold pop music. No warm comfort in this stylish post-modern (you knew I was going to bring up that word) take on pop music. Let’s jump a few decades, and find a French man recreating similar styled pop but here is the difference. I know, I usually try to con my way into convincing you, the reader, that these artists are similar. Anoraak is much more warm and inviting. Like the song says, I want to go down to Miami and drive to this song. I want to look at any 1980s painting about the cold war when I listen to the Human League. Everyone was paranoid in the 80s! Too much cocaine.

The Things Dreams Are Made Of – The Human League

Anoraak – Nightdrive With You

Tiger City is a small band out in Brooklyn. I saw them live in Madison with 15 other fans. Needless to say, the will probably not be back… at least like that. They recently finished a tour with VHS or Beta. Tiger City exists as a mesh of Steely Dan, Hall and Oates, and havin’ fun. Here is a demo of a new tune called “Mallory”. It begins with a deep synth, and ends 4:29 later (I couldn’t think of anything clever to say so this will have to do).

The Marcene Premetz Experience Exclusive! Only Here will you get this!

Tiger City – Mallory

Want more Tiger City?!