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Struggling to find their niche somewhere between Bruce Springsteen, New Order, and down right cheese. They call themselves the Killers. “Losing Touch” starts as a classic rock song and turns into something of a swoon of good ol’ songwriting. I feel like I have heard this song many times before, but perhaps it’s because it’s executed without much of an edge to it (besides the saxophones). It is rock and roll, and for the opener, it is fantastic. “Human” is another odd song. Brandon Flowers plays all these songs seriously, but all get hit with big smelly cheese somehow. I do like it, but if this is their single, the Killers may have peaked a while ago. I don’t want to review “Spaceman” But I will…

“Spaceman” is all sorts of bad. Did they try to hire Markus Dravs (the Arcade Fire, Coldplay) to produce the first 30 seconds of this song? And after he refused, they just threw some shit together that sounded kind of like a chorus of “woah’s”? This song is not only bad, but it is embarrassing to listen to for me as well as actual spacemen.

After this, things get for the most part better. The album grooves as if it were being performed on Hawaii. It’s breezy, slower, less explosive, and maybe that’s where their life force lies. A Flock of Seagulls excelled with guitar lick driven tracks. Am I comparing the Killers to A Flock of Seagulls? Well, yes, because solid pop can be created by anyone, but consistently, it’s hard. “The World We Live In” builds nicely (same beginning chords as “When you were Young”!!!), and ends nicely. The album ends without any dramatic closing track (creepy “Everything Will Be Alright” from Hot Fuss was creepy and a good closing track). So where does that leave the album?

At least when the Killers did “Hot Fuss”, we could grit out teeth and smile politely. They’ve departed for a bizarre mix of Springsteen and MGMT. I still love Brandon Flowers’ delivery, but the day he is regarded as a serious musician, is the day I top 50 views (Probably not going to happen until I upload the nudie picks of myself).

A mess? No, not totally

Some songs a mess? You betcha.

The Killers are still searching for that special style of music to fall into. And when they do, I will be right behind them scalping tickets for maximum profits. Until then…

Album Grade: C

Album in a sentence: Scattered release that feeds off island groves, straightforward rock, and a little bit of Brandon Flowers secret magic potion for song creation; cheese. 


The Killers -Losing Touch


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